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The name says it all. Big Spring is indeed a big spring and the biggest in Missouri in terms of average daily discharge with some 276 million gallons of cool spring water (58 degrees Fahrenheit) flowing from it each day. This is one of the largest springs in the world. A dye-trace study has showed that dye introduced into a losing stream 39.5 miles away (near Mountain View) was detected at Big Spring 16 days later. The spring is at least 80 feet deep based on research dives.

The Big Spring area became a state park in 1925 and was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression era of the 1930s. In 1972 the area was transferred to the newly created Ozark National Scenic Riverways. This beautiful, BIG spring is well worth the drive!

Directions: Hwy 21 south for 55 miles, to Hwy 60 west for 5 miles, Hwy 103 for 4 miles. Approximate travel time 1.5 hours.