The Fort Davidson Hotel is American owned and operated by a local family. Tim & Cindy Sappington have owned the hotel for over 30 years. They support local businesses and are heavily committed to the community of the Beautiful Arcadia Valley. They desire to have the best reflection possible on our community, striving to bring hospitality to the beautiful Arcadia Valley with excellence.


Over the years, they have continually made upgrades to their guest rooms. They are professional hoteliers whose goal is to provide excellent accommodations with exceptional service.

Tim & Cindy have years of experience as tour guides and expertise on the many attractions within their beautiful Arcadia Valley-  they would love to help you plan your next vacation!

Not only do they have a history with Fort Davidson Hotel, but the Hotel itself is located ON a historic battlefield. The Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob took place at Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site.

The Serene and Beautiful site boasts an exceptional museum and the preserved Fort Davidson(1863).

In 1864, the valley was the scene of one of the largest and most hard-fought battles waged on the state’s soil – the Battle of Pilot Knob – where over 1200 soldiers lost their lives. Fort Davidson State Historic Site serves as a memorial to the many soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their idea of freedom. The Confederates under Gen. Sterling Price may have taken the fort, but Union efforts at Fort Davidson in the Battle of Pilot Knob were crucial to blunting the last Confederate offensive into Missouri. Fort Davidson State Historic Site preserves and interprets the running battle through the Arcadia Valley.