The new Amtrak station has opened daily service to the Arcadia Valley Area.

Visitors can now visit the beautiful Arcadia Valley via train on the Texas Eagle – providing daily service from Chicago, IL to San Antonio, TX.

Visit the new train station website here: Train station

Arcadia Valley is noted for its charming small towns, historic sites and proximity to numerous wilderness areas that attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The St. Francois Mountains, considered some of the oldest in North America, offer diverse landscapes including oak-hickory upland forest, glades, savannas and bottom land forest.

North of Arcadia is Elephant Rocks State Park, where giant granite boulders litter the landscape. Visitors are drawn to an especially large boulder known as “Dumbo,” which is 27 feet tall, 25 feet long and 17 feet wide – and estimated to weigh about 680 tons.

When the temperatures soar, people head southwest of town to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, voted “one of the best swimming destinations in the mid-west”, where the East Fork of the Black River tumbles amid a rocky terrain that creates small pools, waterfalls and fast-moving chutes. To the east is Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri at 1,772 feet above sea level. In wet weather, Mina Sauk Falls – the state’s highest waterfall at 132 feet – puts on a dazzling show.

Amtrak does not provide ticketing or baggage services at the Arcadia station, which is served by two daily trains.

Using code ACD for the Arcadia station, you can get your tickets for Amtrak here: tickets

See article below for a full description of the background on the train station of Arcadia Valley

Arcadia, MO (ACD)